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A two day work-shop exploring the technique needed when acting on set. Students will rehearse, develop and perform age appropriate scenes sourced or written specifically for camera. By working through the process of theme, improvisation, text, scene rehearsal and then performance, children gain a better understanding of the character and text, and ultimately give a more rounded and confident performance in front of camera. There are only 16 places available in this work-shop and due to script planning all places must be confirmed one week prior to work-shop.

ACTING FOR CAMERA,, Age 11-14, Sat/Sun 28-29 May 10am-2pm 100.00 THIS WORK-SHOP IS NOW FULL

ACTING FOR CAMERA, Age 11-14, Sat/Sun 25-26 June 10am-2pm 100.00 THIS WORK-SHOP IS NOW FULL

ACTING FOR CAMERA,, Age 8-11 Date to be announced

ACTING FOR CAMERA,, Age 12-15 Date to be announced


The summer workshops are designed so that pupils are able to explore Improvisation, charaterisation, role play, mime, vocal work and Theatre games.They will enjoy devising their own plays, script writing and character development.We encourage the pupils own creative growth by allowing them the chance to share their own ideas and perform them in small groups. We create original plays with the pupils personalizing the material for each group.These plays are established through fun improvisation, then scripted and performed.

Age 7-11 8th 12th August 9.30pm 12.30pm 100 week

Age 11-14 15th 19th August 9.30pm 12.30pm 100 week

To book please email for an enrolment form (Details on our contact page)

Details of our term time work-shops can be found on our class schedule page

The office will be closed until July 31st.

Please send your details via email and all enquiries will recieve a reply by August 1st.

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